Let’s Debate Progress!

This page and the links below is an attempt to start important debates within the Progress Studies movement. As we are just getting started as a movement, we have a lot of fundamental topics that need discussion. I will periodically post topics on this page that I think are worth discussing as a group. As this site is not the ideal location for a debate, I encourage you to respond within the Progress Studies Slack channel.

I will post my perspective on this website to get the ball rolling, but free free to disagree strongly. I will also explain why I think that it is a question worth discussing.

Let’s just keep the discussion civil, productive and on topic.

At any given time, the link at the bottom of the list is the active discussion, but feel free to comment on older debates at any time. If you are looking for an old debate, you may need to hunt a bit to find the right thread. The post date on this site should match my first posting that I make within Slack.

I hope that you find these debates stimulating!