Welcome to “From Poverty to Progress!”

My name is Michael Magoon. I am an author of a ongoing series of books with the same title as this website. The first book in the series has been published with many more to follow.

First, a bit about me and my background:

  • BA in Modern History from University of California at Berkeley
  • PhD in Political Science and Public Policy from Brown University
  • 20+ years work experience in the Technology industry, including Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle and Verizon.

I created this website is to:

  • Promote awareness and understanding of progress among the general public
  • Promote an understanding of the causes and origins of progress
  • Create a forum for exchange of ideas between authors and bloggers who have been thinking about the concept
  • Generate ideas and policies that:
    • Increase the rate of progress
    • Reduce the factors that hinder progress
    • Enable the maximum number of people, particularly those with below-average income, to enjoy the benefits of progress

The means to achieving it will be leading thinkers writing essays related to progress. The first topic will be “What are the causes of progress?” and then we will cover other topics.

My hope that this website creates a cross-disciplinary community of thinkers who share ideas about progress, and a means for the general public to learn from those thinkers.

Why Am I Doing This?

While many authors and bloggers have written on topics related to progress, relatively few focus explicitly on the concept. Even using the term “progress” has fallen out of favor with many authors.

This is unfortunate.

I believe that more systematic thinking about the concept and greater use of the term “progress” will:

  • Increase positive thinking at a time when more and more people seem to dwell on the negative
  • Promote a sense of gratitude for what our ancestors have done for us
  • Create a pragmatic, “can do” attitude, when more and more feel overwhelmed by current and future problems
  • Give people ideas for how to solve current problems
  • Accelerate progress to the benefit of future generations, particularly those who currently have less.

I hope this website plays a small role in doing all this.